The Talapatra chitra or the Palm leaf painting is a known art form of the village Raghurajpur, Puri district, Odisha. The fine pictorial depiction makes distinguishes this art form from the rest. The fine lines and overall look and placement of elements stands out in a unique way. Even without the depth or perspective visualization the art work has got its prominence for the two dimensional look and feel.Another form of Pattachitra, apart from painting on the cloth, is the most amazing engravings over a palm leaf. This very complicated art form is done on dried palm leaves and stitched up together to look for a canvas. These amazingly beautiful intricacies are delicately done as one small move can destroy their entire creativity. The stitching is done so that the carvings depict an entire picture and there are no gaps or lines to say that they are joined together. Again, the art relates to fables and stories from the Hindu mythology and tells tales photographically about an incident or episode of a God or Goddess, their different stages, to make the people understand the flow of their deity’s life.


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